Splendido quartzite is a non-foliated metamorphic rock composed mainly of quartz and having a very ancient history, formed over millions of years. The color of Splendido quartzite is unique and amazing: the neutral background is distinguished by cloudy inclusions and circular veins. The background, coming from Brazil, is mainly brown in various tones and cross-sections. Hints of grey, beige, coal and caramel are splendidly spaced over the entire surface of the slab. Quartzite has many important qualities that make this natural stone suited for every type of environment. It is, for example: • Resistant to sudden changes in temperature and consequently perfect for outdoor coverings. • Resistant to acids, fire and heat and therefore ideal for kitchen countertops. • Easy to clean and maintain: no special or sophisticated products are required. • Shades remain unchanged with the passage of time, ensuring an appearance that is always young and beautiful.


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