Patagonia Quartzite from Brazil is an exclusive Favorita natural stone that encloses all the beauty of one of the most fascinating and scenic materials in the world. Interweaving different colors and minerals give life to a Quartzite that immediately catches the eye. Notes of white, black, beige and brown blend together to create a complex design: the background is rich in cloudy shapes, embellished with large spots of lighter color that in their turn are covered by a dense and refined pattern of brown and golden veins. Patagonia is a Quartzite of volcanic origin, born from the combination of spectacular geological elements which over millions of years of seismic activity have crystallized and formed the characteristic and sought-after surface of this marvelous stone. Its unique and rare appearance makes it a precious and very compact material, perfect for interior decoration and to make kitchen countertops, tables and surfaces with strong visual impact.


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