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Our marble, granite, and quartzite company was founded in 2007 in Serra, State of Espírito Santo with the aim of selecting only the finest materials, based on the generosity of the composition and the beauty of the color, with respect for the environment.


Brazil offers a vast range of natural stones, especially quartzites, a material which, over the years, and more and more to date, proves to be the most appreciated and requested internationally.


Favorita do Brasil is a company specialized in the production and marketing of exclusive natural stones, marbles, granites, and quartzites. Founded in 2007, the History of our reality tells of the commitment and passion for the search for unique and precious natural materials, which form the basis of a job that, for over fifteen years, has remained a point of reference for the quality of the offer and the accuracy of the service.


Our goal, which has remained unchanged over the years, is formed by virtue of our love for raw materials: we always want to discover only the rarest and newest materials, whether they can be used over time with the same pleasure and enthusiasm as on the first day, whether they never forget the characteristics of quality and durability; main needs of our customers.


Today, the Favorita do Brasil company has developed and grown to the point of being perfectly integrated into the market, both in terms of knowledge and appreciation at the local level and for supply at an international level.


Technology and innovation are, in fact, two of our main and constant objectives; the study and attention we pay to these aspects have allowed us to be a fundamental pillar in the stone market for 10 years.


Favorita do Brasil has an industrial park covering a total area of ​​10000 square meters. The production line has diamond wire looms, automatic polishing machines, and automatic resin and polishing lines



Our team of experts is made up of technicians and professionals in the sector, capable of selecting only the best quality blocks and slabs, guaranteeing our customers the certainty that they are receiving only the best promised and possible materials.

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